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In 2014, Roc Capital entered the market as one of the initial firms to inject private capital into a fragmented residential real estate marketplace by funding private lenders, mortgage brokers, and others. As Roc Capital evolved it increased its offerings to provide a full suite of products and services catering to small and middle-market real estate professionals. Now, one of the premier private lenders in the country, Roc Capital has successfully originated more than $5 billion to investors, professionals, and developers.

As first movers in this space, Roc Capital’s table funding platform has worked with over 4,000 lenders in 46 states funding more than 15,000 white-labeled loans. With over 250 employees, all of whom are experts in their respective fields and are dedicated to helping our platform’s customers succeed, Roc Capital is able to efficiently and innovatively provide unmatched, disciplined, and cutting-edge service.

In January 2020, Roc Capital announced the formation of Roc360, a holding company encompassing a suite of products and services for real estate professionals to streamline financing and investment. Roc Capital, along with its fellow Roc360 subsidiaries, has become the country’s most vertically integrated residential real estate financial services platforms, able to offer additional services to help lenders scale rapidly.

Since 2014 Roc Capital has doubled loans funded each year of its existence. We put it down to research-driven investment strategies and a common-sense lending approach.


Co founders spin out from Deustche Bank to launch the target hedge fund launch mid financial crisis with $1.3 billion


Launch of Roc Capital Secured Lending Income Fund


$100 Million

January 2018
January 2018

$500 Million

December 2018
December 2018

$1 Billion


$2 Billion


Launch Haus Lending


$4 Billion


It’s the fragmentation and lack of reliable funding sources that attracted us to this space and a need for institutional quality capital for participants in the middle market. Thousands of lenders require stable consistent funding in this growing marketplace. So, in 2014, after meeting with a typical lender (Bayport Funding) in the arena and attending the Pitbull conference with hundreds like him, we launched Roc as an aggregator of private lenders. Effectively, we removed the usual methodologies that left lenders feeling insecure. We have provided these lenders with an efficient and reliable source of capital ever since so they can focus on growing their business without the concern of their financing needs. We visualized ourselves being the primary private lending resource to a severely fragmented market that banks had steered clear of targeting as a rule. Probably the most compelling reason for our success was, based on our institutional experience, figuring out an interest-sharing formula that made sense to:

  • Our customers (the lenders)
  • Their customers (the fix-and-flippers)
  • And of course, us.


It’s been the foundation stone of our success to this very day showing great sustainability.


Table funding involves a settlement that stands behind the financing of a mortgage loan that simultaneously coincides with assigning the loan to the person advancing the funds. 

The advantages are:

  • It’s a pass-through process that keeps your image as the lender with your client intact.
  • No delays at closing because the parties resolve all major issues before that stage.
  • In the majority of cases, if issues do arise, they are relatively minor and easily solved.
  • The advance of funds is seamless and smooth with the lender wiring in the agreed loan value before closing time. It’s the closing agent’s responsibility to ensure the process as described runs to schedule.
  • The deal won’t fall through on the expected timeline because the funds aren’t there on the closing date.


Some lenders have gotten caught with loans on their balance sheets, dealing with financial strain. With Roc, it won’t happen to you under any circumstances, nor will you have to buy back a loan for any reason. We have always prided ourselves on our best-in-class table funding process. It shines even in times of severe market stress. So don’t ever get caught again. 


We innovated institutional-quality capital for investors in the middle market. So, nobody understands the space better than us. While others are scrambling for capital as deals arise, our deep resource pool is on tap, waiting for the right lending entities to walk through our door. Our team makes fast decisions and brings all the transactional parties together seamlessly. We respect the confidentiality and loyalty of our clients, treating everyone with the heralded Roc VIP treatment. Almost all our lenders are impressed with our common-sense approach that results in genuine White-label funding arrangements. The Roc systems rely on cutting-edge technology, providing the industry-best digital convenience and cybersecurity protections.

Not much – our range of loan options is second to none. Look at our term and bridge loans aligned with modern borrower needs. It signifies, as a start, that we’re up to meeting funding needs based on realistic terms and conditions that most clients find easy to comply with. That aside, we make decisions without the burden of committees holding us back. Our agility is a decisive benefit in an environment where the traditional lenders bury you in a mountain of documentation before the application sees the light of day. We also know everything about table funding to create advantages for customized deals around small unit projects. Say goodbye to months of waiting for a bank decision when we can come through with the goods in a few days. Moreover, good luck trying to engage with traditional lending sources for bridge loans or cash-out refinancing. They make no secret that unless the loan is straightforward and conventional, it isn’t a priority.



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